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New Technology

March 28, 2013

It is the Golden Age of technology around the world. The great advancements of today are allowing the average person to do things once reserved for professionals. The equipment is becoming more affordable, accessible and user friendly than at any time in history. One can take quality photos and share them easily with family and friends with relatively inexpensive cameras (often just the one on their smart phone) and the internet (through sites like facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.). It is also becoming easier for musicians to record their music in close to studio quality and share it with the masses. Traditional visual artists can use the internet to spread their work or use graphic design software to extend their creativity. Cell phones, text messaging, video conferencing software and the internet has allowed us to be more connected with loved ones than ever before. It's hard for us to imagine what previous generations had to deal with when moving far away from friends and family. 

Overall, do you think technology has made us better or worse? Please leave a comment.

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