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November 17, 2014

I have just recently joioned the "Apple Cult" by purchasing an iPhone 6 and and iPad Mini 2. I was previously a Samsung Guy. While I still think Samsung makes an excellent product, I now know what all the Apple hype is about...they're just better. The biggest thing I have noticed is just how great and seamless the Apple experience is. They may not win every spec battle but the fact that they control the hardware AND the software makes their products run perfectly. I am also very happy that they focus on only making top of the line products. 

I am also finding that I use my iPhone for far more things than I used the Samsung Galaxy SIII for. I used it for music (thanks iTunes Match & Spotify), videos (GREAT screen!) and video chat through facetime. 

Another thing that is wonderful about the iPhone 6 is that it is just amazing to hold in the feels like an ocean polished rock! 

More on Apple to come...

Chris McLister

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